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Steerable Sheath Introducer

Name: Steerable Sheath Introducer

Type: Sheath

Delivery: 5-7 Days




Steerable Sheath is a leader in providing catheter access providing agility and sturdiness using bidirectional steering that allows maximum maneuverability, reducing trauma possibilities during transseptal crossings with soft and atraumatic tip and provides an exceptional torque ability, push ability, and kink resistance using a braided shaft.

What is a sheath?

The usage of radial artery is to gain arterial access and facilitate the insertion of catheters or other equipment for diagnostic and vascular interventions. Finally, radial artery spasm is a risk, necessitating routine use of antispasmodic medications.


Typical arrangements include:

  • Introducer Sheaths
  • Guiding Sheaths
  • Delivery Sheaths
  • Steerable Sheaths



What is a Steerable Sheath?

The Steerable Sheath is a low profile, bidirectional steerable sheath that provides agility and stability through excellent catheter access and support.


What are the multiple features of Steerable Sheath?


  • Maximum maneuverability is achieved by bidirectional steering allowing dual deflection.
  • Soft and atraumatic tip reduces the possibility of trauma during transseptal crossings
  • Steerable sheath enables access to hard-to-reach locations.
  • Braided shaft provides exceptional torque ability, push ability, and kink resistance
  • Hemostatic Valve enables hemostasis, seals down to a 0.014-inch guidewire
  • Ergonomic handle provides precise control and maximizes comfort


What makes Steerable Sheath unique?

The Steerable Sheath’s low-profile design and atraumatic tip to minimize the possible trauma during transseptal crossings while facilitating passage of a multitude variety of catheters. By combining a low profile, a braid reinforced shaft, and a reliable hemostatic seal technology, the Steerable Sheath offers physicians precise control during EP procedures.


What are the contraindications of Steerable Sheath?

The contraindications include:

  • Known active systemic or local infection
  • Known inability to obtain vascular access
  • Patients suffering from atrial thrombus or myxoma, or interatrial baffle or patch
  • Use of a steerable sheath is contraindicated in patients with obstructed or inadequate vasculature


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