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Name: Radial sheath

Type: Sheath

Length: 7/10cm

Packaging: Tray



Radial Sheath is the leader in vascular access and a pioneer, and its motive is to provide minimized patient stress and perfect transradial interventions. Maintained uncompromised hemostasis which is a result of cross-cut valve, minimizing vessel trauma with tapering dilator to each guidewire, easy catheter handling, minimized puncture site complications with internal tip diameter being equal to the guidewire external diameter.


What is a Sheath?

The usage of radial artery is to gain arterial access and facilitate the insertion of catheters or other equipment for diagnostic and vascular interventions. Finally, radial artery spasm is a risk, necessitating routine use of antispasmodic medications.

Typical arrangements include:

  • Introducer Sheaths
  • Guiding Sheaths
  • Delivery Sheaths
  • Steerable Sheaths


Being a pioneer and a leader in vascular access, Terumo’s intent is to provide a full shockproof solution for transradial interventions with devices that minimize patient stress and optimize transradial procedures.

What are the features of Radial Sheath?


  • Minimized vessel trauma is achieved by tapering dilator to each guidewire.
  • Uncompromised hemostasis is maintained by cross-cut valve to avoid bleeding and air aspiration
  • Easy catheter handling is a result of thin radiopaque sheath with anti-kinking sleeve
  • Snap-on/click-off dilator to prevent dilator back-out during insertion and allows one-hand unlocking
  • Puncture site complications are minimized because of equal micro puncture metallic entry needle and short bevel (22G / 21G / 20G) mini guidewire.


  • What are all the technical details I should be aware of?
  • Sheath Length is 7cm and 10cm
  • Mini Guidewire is Spring Straight with measurements
    018″ (0.46 mm), 0.021″ (0.53 mm) and 0.025″ (0.64 mm)
    45 cm
  • Metallic entry needle with measurements 22G x 1½ (0.7 x 38 mm), 21G x 1½ (0.8 x 38 mm), 20G x 1½ (0.9 x 38 mm)
  • Guidewire Compatibility is 018″ {0.46mm}, 0.021″ {0.53 mm} and 0.025″ {0.64 mm}
  • Tray Packaging is available.
  • Dilator Internal Tip diameter is equal to mini guidewire external diameter which minimizes puncture site complications

What does the kit consist of?

The Kit consists of ​Sheath, dilator, spring mini guidewire and metallic entry needle.

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