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Nipro Dialysis Machine

Name: Nipro Dialysis Machine

Type: Device



A dialysis machine mixes and observes the dialysate which is a fluid made of water, electrolytes and salts that helps eradicate unwanted waste products from the blood. It maintains the minerals and electrolytes and ensures there are adequate levels in your body and also observes blood flowing outside of the body.

What is the function of blood tubing?

Carrying your blood from the access site to the dialyzer is the main function of blood tubing. The blood is pushed through the dialyzer to your body with the help of pumping action of blood pump.

What is the use of the drug ‘heparin’?

Heparin is used to prevent blood clotting when it flows through the blood tubing and the amount is prescribed by doctor at each treatment session. The amount of heparin is taken in a syringe and then placed into the ‘heparin pump’ which basically releases the adequate amount of heparin needed during the session.

Is using a dialysis machine safe?

There is a possibility that air seeps in the blood tubing during dialysis, to prevent this blood tubing typically have air traps built-in, one of which is located before the dialyzer and one after. If the air accidentally makes its way inside the blood tubing, which is rare but if this happens, the internal machine air sensor shuts itself down and the alarm goes off. The blood flow will be suddenly stopped and won’t start until the air is removed.

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