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Medtronic Insulin Pump

Name: Insulin Pump

Type: Device

Brand: Medtronic



What is an Insulin Pump?

Insulin pump is a device that works in a similar way as a kidney works proving you the appropriate amount of insulin. In order to match your body’s needs, it delivers customized doses of fast-acting doses continuously every day.


What are the components of an Insulin Pump?

An insulin pump consists of buttons, batteries, a display screen, a circuit, a motor, a reservoir, a cannula, and tubing. Each component has its own specific function and plays a vital role in insulin delivering. Buttons allow the patient to make choices regarding the insulin amount to be delivered, a display screen for the patient to interact with, a reservoir storing insulin for future purposes and a battery to provide power for the pump to work.


How does an Insulin Pump work?

The reservoir is filled with rapid-acting insulin and placed inside the pump. The cannula is inserted under the skin and is placed there using a medically safe adhesive patch. The other end is connected to the pump and is used to deliver insulin through the infusion set according to its default setting which can be customized according your needs.


Will the Insulin Pump measure my glucose levels?

The pump does not typically measure the glucose level in your body. Although, there are pumps available these days that can measure your sugar levels.


How to take care of a patient with an insulin pump?

A patient with an insulin pump needs a lot of care and looking after.

  • Do not handle/touch the pump with unclean hands. Always wash your hands before operating the pump.
  • If needed, clean your pump with a mild detergent. Take a cloth and dip it in soap and water to slightly clean it and do not place it under running water.
  • Place your pump in a case/cover. This will improve the efficiency of performing your daily activities and make it more comfortable.
  • Minimize any activity that involves a big amount of exposure to rays such as X-Rays, CT Scan, or any type of scan and if you’re getting a scan of some sort, be sure to disconnect the pump.
  • Disconnect the pump while engaging in any water-related activities, for example: a bath, sauna, etc.
  • Always store your pump in a cool, dry place when disconnecting it.
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