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Brand Name:- Fulvant
Generic Name:- Fulvestrant
Manufacturer:- Arechar Healthcare
Dosage:- Injection
Strength:- 250 mg/ml
Indication:- Breast Cancer
Storage:- Store in a refrigerator



Overview of Fulvant

Fulvestrant is an active agent present in this highly effective medication named Fulvant. It belongs to a type of antineoplastics (cancer-fighting medications) known as antiestrogens and it is prescribed for the treatment of Breast cancer. Fulvant is available in the form of an injection in the strength of 250mg/5ml. This injection works by blocking the effect of the hormone estrogen in the body and it helps in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Fulvestrant is an estrogen receptor antagonist that is synthesized. Unlike tamoxifen (which has partial agonist effects) and aromatase inhibitors (which reduce the amount of estrogen available to tumor cells), fulvestrant binds to estrogen receptors in breast cancer cells competitively, and deforming process of estrogen receptor takes place and it decreases estrogen binding.


If you’re worried about the interactions of Fulvant with other medications or diseases, talk to your healthcare provider about the risks and benefits of this therapeutic agent. If some other non-prescribed drug reacts with Fulvant injection, seek immediate medical attention right away.

Medicine interactions:- omacetaxine may interact with the active ingredient present in Fulvant and it may increase the risk of serious infections. Avoid the use of this injection in combination with omacetaxine and discuss the complications of Fulvant (Fulvestrant) with your medical professional.

Disease interactions:- the use of Fulvant (Fulvestrant) may interact with diseases like – hepatic impairment and bleeding disorders. Extreme caution and monitoring of the clinical condition are recommended in patients while receiving therapy with Fulvant injection to avoid these abnormalities.

Food interactions:- Avoid the use of products that can interact with Fulvant injection because it can cause allergic reactions and it includes side effects like – bleeding, injection site reactions, tiredness, difficulty in breathing, drowsiness, vomiting, headache, skin rash, etc. 

Alcohol interactions:- consuming alcohol while receiving treatment with Fulvant (Fulvestrant) injection may increase the risk of excessive dizziness and drowsiness in patients. It is better to avoid the consumption and consult it with your health professional before consuming. 

Q1. What is Fulvant (Fulvestrant)?

Ans. Fulvant contains Fulvestrant as an active ingredient and this medication is used to treat Breast cancer. This injection works by blocking the action of estrogen on breast cancer cells. It helps in preventing the multiplication and spread of cancer cells. Close monitoring of liver and kidney function is required during treatment with Fulvant injection. 

Q2. What are the side effects?

Ans. Some common side effects of Fulvant (Fulvestrant) injection are:- fever, nausea, chills, skin rash, itching, fatigue, swelling on the face, diarrhea, anemia, etc. If any side effect occurs consult your medical practitioner. 

Q3. In what strength is it available?

Ans. The strength of Fulvant (Fulvestrant) injection is available in 250mg/ml. Use the strength of this medication as exactly as prescribed by your healthcare professional. 

Q4. How to take this injection?

Ans. Fulvant (Fulvestrant) injection is administered under the supervision of a medical practitioner or healthcare professional. Do not try to self-administer the dosage of this medication.  

Q5. What happens if I miss a dose?

Ans. If you miss a dose of Fulvant injection consult your medical professional as soon as possible. Do not try to double up the dosage to make up for the missed dose. 

Q6. Can I take a Fulvant injection during pregnancy?

Ans. Do not take Fulvant (Fulvestrant) injection if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. The active ingredients present in this medication may cause harm to the unborn baby.  

Q7. What should I avoid while receiving Fulvant (Fulvestrant)?

Ans. It is advisable to follow your physician or healthcare professional instructions regarding the restrictions of activities related to lifestyle and food during the time of treatment with Fulvant injection. 

Q8. What are the storage conditions?

Ans. Store Fulvant (Fulvestrant) injection in a refrigerator. Do not shake or freeze the vial. Consult your pharmacist or medical practitioner to know more information regarding this medication. 

Q9. What are the warnings and precautions?

Ans. Before starting the dose of Fulvant (Fulvestrant) injection. Do not forget to discuss and share about your health conditions:- 

  • Do not overdose 
  • Caution is necessary for patients suffering from heart disease. 
  • Not recommended during breastfeeding.
  • Do not skip the dose.

Q10. Can I drive after taking Fulvant Injection?

Ans. Use of Fulvant (Fulvestrant) injection can cause excessive drowsiness and decreases your concentration power. If you experience any such side effects avoid driving after the administration of this medication and consult your medical practitioner or physician. 

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